Udílení Academy Awards - Academy Awards Nominations

Academy Awards nominations

1) Introduction

2) Avatar

a) Avatar vs. Titanic

b) Actor`s nominations

c) Visual effects

3) J. Cameron’s rival

4) My opinion

Who will be the year’s winner of Academy Awards? I don’t know, but I can tell you something about nominations this year. Academy Awards are much waited event of the film world in the USA. Every director and actor wants to win. This year was nominated a lot of excellent films. It’s for example animated film Up!, sci-fi District 9, war’s drama Inglorious Basterds or The Hurt Locker and favorite named Avatar.

I would like to say something about Avatar. Avatar is king of the film world today’s. It stayed on the top of the box-office for 7 weeks. Director of this film is James Cameron. This director made also Titanic. Titanic has been the most successful film all time till today. Avatar is the most successful now. It has earned already over 61 millions dollars. It is also due to sell 3D tickets. And so Avatar bet Titanic, but it didn’t beat Titanic in nomination. Titanic had 11 nominations at that time, but Avatar has only 9 nominations this year.

But what is sad? Any actor didn’t get the nomination to Oscars. A lot of fantastic visual effects distracted the attention from their performance. Everything what you see in the film the actors really had to do and then the film were arranged by special CGI technology. James Cameron said: ,,It’s nothing like animation. The creator here is the actor, not the unseen hand of an animator.” And producer said about the situation this:,, We made a commitment to our actors that what they see up on the screen were their performances, not somebody else’s interpretation of what their performance might or might not be !” CGI means Computer Generated Images.

And what is big Cameron’s competition? Is a little funny! His ex-wife is his biggest rival. Her film is named The Hurt Locker and it has 9 nominations, too. The film is war’s drama. Plot is situated to a war in Iraq. The elite group of soldiers wants to occupy a village. The film is full of fighting or horrible situations, but it tell also about soldier’s fate.

To sum up I wish that Avatar will be the winner. I saw this film last month and I enjoyed it very much. It’s very interesting and nice story, but it has big competition. The conferring of Academy Awards will be 7th March. We’ll see who will be the winner?

The end


distracted the attention – odvést pozornost

were arranged – byl upraven

CGI = Computer Generated Images

commitment to – zavázat se ( někomu )

performance – herecký výkon

competition – konkurence

fate – osud

conferring - udílení

Andrea P.