Costa Rica has a woman president

Costa Rica has a woman president!

Zuzana B.

This Sunday was a historic moment – Costa Rica, the small country in Central Amerika, has a woman president. Their new president is Laura Chinchilla. Laura Chinchilla got about 47 percent of the votes. Otton Solís was in second place. He had about 25 percent of the votes. The third was Otto Guevera. He had about 20 percent of the votes.

Laura Chinchilla isn’t the first woman president in Central America. Panama and Nikaragua had women presidents too.

Why Laura Chinchilla won?

Laura Chinchila was a formel vice president and public security ministr. She was a very popular policy and she wants to be a very popular president.

The women say: „It’s wonderful. Female sex can show their skills. The victory in Costa Rica will inspire women in Central America.“

Chinchila fan says: „I couldn’t be happier! It’s the first time in the history of Costa Rica that we will have a woman president.It is a big change for the whole country!“

Who is Laura Chinchilla?

She is born in Desamparados. Laura is oldest of four childern. She has three Brother. She studied politic science at the University of Costa Rica and the Georgetown University. She has a magister¨s degree in public policy.

In Costa Rica she worked as a colsuntant safety and judicia reform.

She is married. Laura Chinchila has a son. He is 13. She, her husband and her son look like as happy family. Her family are proud of Laura Chinchilla.

Costa Rican people are asking: „Is Costa Rica ready for a woman president?

-Costa Rican people have to wait for it!