Veselý Kopec - Happy Hill


Set of Folk Building is the only Museum in Pardubice region, which lies about 40 kilometers south of the regional capital. In the picturesque region on the border of the Iron Mountains and hills Zdarske whose diverse natural beauty and charm charmed many famous painters (Antonin Slavíček, František Kaván, Gustav Macoun, Oldřich Blažíček and others).

In a region rich in historical attractions including the preserved specimen of folk architecture. Most of these monuments is concentrated just in the exhibition of Folk Architecture Highlands, which is the largest facility of its kind in Bohemia.

By visiting here, you can learn more about how people used to live in the 18th and 19th centuries. The first visitors were able to view the exhibition in 1972. A group of timbered cottages gating remind one of a traditional village set in the local landscape. Some buildings are original and some have been imported from other areas of the Czech - Moravian Highlands. The interiors of the timbered cottages are again evidence of the lifestyles of craftsmen and farmers living in this area.

Tours are traditionally supplemented by programs that are focused on holidays, folk traditions and customs and crafts such a as wire working, pottery, weaving and others. Fairs are regularly held in Veselý Kopec, which manufacturers of folk items from the whole Czech Republic participate in and where visitors can purchase their products. The buildings distributed in quiet nature attract a large number of visitors every year.

The exhibition bring witness to the life and work of small farmers from the early 19th the mid-20th century century. Farmhouses added only small village buildings (granary, piggery, etc.), but also popular technical sights on water power. The most important of these is a water corn mill transferred to the foundations of the original mill veselokopeckého. The original mill was built before 1580 was destroyed by fire in 1909, to its reconstruction in 1977 by transferring the mill Oldřetic.

The interior is interesting for its mill grinding equipment - so-called Czech composition, but also rising to hail and Varna on the jam. All these facilities use water power to drive motor sophisticated mechanisms. Near the mill is a water-nuts, saw and hammering „stupník“ the groin (probably the last open to the public in the Czech Republic). Water to these landmarks is fed the main drive built in the 16th century.

In addition to these objects to Vesely Hill are of course more interesting estate and construction (dryers, bleach, etc.), but also a beehive belfry. Our goal is to use well-preserved landscape environment to create a historic urban landscape.

Veselý Hill, we strive for an authentic atmosphere of life and economy of small farmers in the environment of the hilly landscape. This includes small box, front gardens and livestock.

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- by Iva M.