Trip to Nasavrky

  1. Introduction
    1. About town
    2. Chateau
    3. Exhibition ,,Following in the footsteps of the Celts”
    4. Park Kaštanka
    5. Celt´s trail
    6. Outlook tower Boiika
    7. Conclusion

I would like to tell you something about the town Nasavrky. I know this town and I think it´s very nice. So I want to tell you some interesting information about it in case you would decide to visit it.

This town is located in northeast´s foot of Železné hory (in English Iron Mountains). It´s 475 metres above the sea level. There is beautiful natural scenery in the neighbourhood. Visitors are attracted to amount of bicycle paths and hiking trails. But the biggest atraction is beautiful old chateau and nearby Celt´s oppidum. Do you know what oppidum is? This term is taken from the Romans. It´s fortified place which is hard to get there.Do you know how far Nasavrky is from Chrudim. Not too far. It´s only 13 km and so it´s perfect place for your trip.

So what can I tell you about the Chateau? It was built in 1600. Václav Záruba had the stronghold torn down and on that place built the modern chateau with two towers and decorated with written graffitto.The chateau has two floors. At present it is used to cultural purposes. On the ground floor there is information centre. The second floor is used to holding of concerts and exhibitions whole year. The most famous action is Nasavrcká paleta and Nasavrcké hudební léto. On the first floor there is permanent exhibition called Following in the footsteps of the Celts.

This exhibition is thematically focused on nearby Celt´s oppidum in Hradiště u Nasavrk. It introduces people with the way of life of Celts, with their religion, what they were wearing and eating. You can learn there about their trades or funeral rituals. Here you can try to put together wooden puzzle or stone circle – the cult place of Celts. And so you can see there the model of oppidum. It´s one of the largest in Europe. It´s in size 3 times 4 metres and shows how the oppidum looked in time when the Celts were living there.

Nearby chateau´s garden there is park of chestnuts. It was planted in years 1776-80. It´s called Kaštanka and now this is nature reserve from the year 1991. The oldest trees are 229 years old.

In front of the chateau there starts Celt´s trail. It´s 9,5 km long. You go past Kaštanka trough the valley of brook Debrný to river Chrudimka. Than the trail come up to Celt´s oppidum in Hradiště. There you can see how big the oppidum was. During the way you learn much more information about Celt´s settlement and Iron Mountains nature.

Outlook tower is component of Celt´s trail. It´s situated nearby village České lhotice. It was built in 2006. Wooden outlook tower is 14,5m high. You can see from there for example Krkonoše, Orlické hory or Jeseníky if the weather is good.

To sum up Nasavrky is great type of trip. You´ll see beautiful scenery of Iron Mountains. You can learn much new and interesting information and so you can know another town in neighbourhood of Chrudim. And if you are interested in my presentation and want to find out something about Celts you must visit Celt´s festival called Lughnasad. It´s going to be held from 30.-31. Juli 2010 in Nasavrky. There will be exhibition of irish dancers and trades,fire show,plays for children and concerts and so one. Much more information you get on the website

- by Andrea P.