Town of Slatiňany



Slatiňany is situated along both banks of the river Chrudimka. The town is 265 metres above sea level and it is about 4 kilometres from the town Chrudim. It´s population is about 4000 inhabitants. Slatiňany has 4 suburbs – Škrovád, Kunčí, Trpišov and Kochánovice.

The first mention about the town comes from 1294. There are many interesting places to visit, for example Slatiňany castle.

Slatiňany castle

Slatiňany castle is one of the most significant building. The biggest growth was in 19thth century. The holder of this castle was princely family of Auersperg. After World War the Second a hippo logical museum was established there. The museum documents the horses´ evolution since it´s origin 55 million years ago till the present. This museum is the most extensive in Europe because there are objects from 122 Czech castles and chateaus in 34 rooms. The castle´s English – style park is situated just next to the castle. It was founded at the beginning of the 19th century and contains a rare collection of wood species. Near the castle is a horse – breeding farm. The Slatiňany stud devote itself to breeding Kladrubien black horses, the only oldest Czech breed used for ceremonial and some competitions. Breeding of these horses is famous all over the world.

The cats castle

A miniature of a Gotic walled castle in Slatiňany´s castle´s forest park is a very popular place with children and tourist. We can found this castle at Hůra. Hůra is the highest point which is about 391 metres above sea level. The cats castle was built in a romantic style by the princess Vilemina Auersperg.

There are many interesting places to visit so if you will have any free time you can go and visit for example some places I introduced to you.

- by Martina Š.