Town of Polička


I would like to speak about city Polička. I choose this town because it is nearly Chrudim and there is a lot of interesting places and historical monuments.

For the first time I would like to tell something information about this city. Polička is entry gateway to the Žďár Hills. Founded as a town by king Přemysl Otakar 2 in 1265 the town prospered through it is position along a leading trade route. It is one of the most beautiful places of the Czech-Moravian Higlands. Polička used to be a dowry town of Czech queens in the past and it was one of the richest cities in East Bohemia during 18th century.Town centre is still encircled by massive wall and some 1220 metres long that are fortified with 19 towers. The dominant of the city is St. James Church and there was born internationally famous composer Bohuslava Martinů.

Secondly I would like to tell something about places to visit. In the city is a lot of nice places. It is for example:

The centre of Bohuslava Martinů (It is church tower where is 192 stairs and on the top of the church tower is room and there was born composer Bohuslav Martinů. From this room is beautiful perspective on city.)

Next interesting places to visit is Ring of the town walls (Walls were build during 14th century. It is 1220 metres long and original hight was 10 metres but now is it much smaller. )

Next places are Palacký square and historic centre, The town Art gallery and so on. Just outside Polička is Svojanov castle. This Gothic royal castle, located on the border between Bohemia and Moravia was founded by King Přemysl Otakar II in the 13th century. Castle Svojanov is situated in the lovely neighbourhood of the river Křetinka. You can walk or cycle. In the castle is a restaurant.

Thirdly I would like to tell something about activities in Polička. There are also sport facilities such us: Indoor swimming pool with sauna and fitness centre, open swimming pool and tennis courts (that is covered for the winter), mini golf course,ski lift (350 metres long slope for downhill skiing),ice-hockey winter stadium and sports halls. Next we can walking or tracking along part of the Highlands surrounding Polička are great for walking. There are 100 kilometers of marked tourist footpaths in the area.

- by Zdenda S.