The Town of Chrudim - General Info

The Town Chrudim - Generally

My group prepared some information about the history of Chrudim. But at first, let me introduce the town Chrudim. The city where we are studying.

Chrudim is a district town in region of Pardubice. Pardubice are 10 Km far.

The town has got about 24 000 inhabitants and it segment 5 cadastral areas, there are: Chrudim,Medlešice, Topol, Vestec u Chrudimi and Vlčnov u Chrudimi.

The river Chrudimka is the only in Chrudim. Chrudimka rise in Žďárské vrchy. Total length is 108 Km. Near Chrudim, we find a reservoir Seč, which is using to recreation and water sports.

Chrudim is offrering to possibility of good education. We find there 6 primary schools, 1 art school, 8 secondary schools and gymnasium. The most famous natives include Viktor Kornel ze Všehrd, Jan Nepomuk or Josef Ressel. The town is full of cultural events every year and I think the culture is matter!

The town can trot out one of the greatest monuments zones in eastern Bohemia. It has preserved medieval structure with old rampart. ( město se může pochlubit jednou z největších památkových zon ve v.čechách,má zachovanou středověkou strukturu se starověkými hradbami). Historic core still operates as a city museum.(histor.jádro funguje jako městské centrum).

Chrudim is very proud of its unique collection of six churches. The most beautiful landmarks (dominanta) is chrám Nanebevzetí Panny Marie in the Ressl square. Time of building isn´t known, it may be about 1340. Another important landmark is Mydlářův dům, there are located the world-famous Museum of Puppets.

This royal dowry town is called: Athens eastern Bohemia.

The town had to go very long way to attain a present form. Chrudim has got very rich and long history, about it my classmates.

- by Iva K.