Seč Dam

    1. Introduction
    2. The Seč Dam
    3. The ruin of Oheb Castle
    4. The Conclusion

Hello everybody,

I would like to introduce one of the very interesting places, my part of our presentation is about Seč. I choose this topic because There is we have got a cottage a we spend a lot of free time.

The town is situated about 20 km south-west of Chrudim. It lies in the centre of the Iron Mountains/Železné hory, at the edge of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. The elevation of the square is 532 metres above sea level, while the highest point is 532 metres above sea level. The surface of the dam lake is normally 495 m above sea level.

Seč and its surroundings belong to the largest and most popular recreational areas in the Pardubice Region.

The Seč Dam

The 6,5 km long lake was created after the construction of the dam in the middle of rocks and woods, under the castle ruins of Oheb and Vildštejn, between 1924-1935. 75,000 cubic meters of stone were used. The dam is 42 metres high and 165 metres long and it built with a lot of concrete. The reservoir has the capacity of 22 million cubic metres.

Under the dam there is a distribution reservoir „Seč II“ with a 10.6 metres high and 111 metres long earth dam. The power station was built between 1941-1946. The Seč dam reservoir was built to supply the region with water, it also serves the energetic and recreational purposes. Last but not least it is an important source of fresh water, too. It is located in the nature reserve Železné hory/ the Iron Mountains

There are many recreational and catering facilities, private cottages and company cabins in the area.

The ruin of Oheb Castle

The ruin of Oheb is situated at the top of a tor above the Seč dam reservoir. Oheb was named after the river, the Chrudimka was originally called the Ohebka (oheb = a curve). The castle was built by Ješík of Popovec at the end of the 14th century. The building was located at the peak of Oheb which is situated on the right bank of the river Chrudimka.The ruin is surrounded by woods and remaining pine woods. The castle ruin is open to public. The visiors can enjoy the beautiful view of the Seč dam lake with a lovely island.

I think Seč is the amazing place for familly trip or holiday. There are many car-camping posibilities – The Beach Camping-site, the hotels – the renewed one is Jezerka (there are outdoor and indoor swimmingpool, solarium, fitness, squash, a golf simulator, tennis-court), sport facilities – minigolf, tennis, ping-pong, badminton, yachting and swimming in the lake when the water is clean.


surroundings – okolní prostředí

elevation – nadmořská výška

surface - hladina

reservoir – nádrž

purpose – účel

tor – skalnatý vrch

remaining – zbylý

peak - vrchol

- by Nikola S.