Pardubice Town

Is situated at the confluence of the Labe and Chrudimka. The first mention about an existence of the city dates back to 1295. In 1340 an owner of the city was Arnošt from Pardubice.

Arnošt lived between 1297 and 1364. He studied in Italy, he was a dean in St. Vitus in Prague, in 1344 he laid a foundation stone for the St. Vitus Cathedral and he crowned Charles IV. He was patron of Pardubice.

In 1491 Vilém from Perštejn bought Pardubice and started to improve the city. His family rebuilt chateau in Pardubice and I am going to talk about it at the moment. They built all historic center with renaissance square, nice small line and Green gate.

And now something about interesting places for turists

The most popular turist atraction is Pardubice´s chateau. In 13th century it was a fortress but in 14th century was rebuilt into a ghotic water castle. After that this castle was rebuilt by Perštejn family into a large and very comfortable castle in Renaissance style. There is a galery of East Bohemia. In this galery we can find czech arts form 19th century, czech art from 20th century and a lot of statues, photos etc. There is a museum of East Bohemia too. This museum is for people who are interested in history of guns, postcards, glass, coins or toys too.

Near the casthe is Church of St. Bartholomew and it was church for the funeral by Perštejn family.

For turists who like sport, nature and culture is the famous place Kunětická hora. This castle is situated on the hill which is a remnant of volcanic activity and it offer very nice view form the top tower. You can travel there by car, by bus, by bike or you can use an inline skates.

Are you people who don´t like sighseeing? Never mind. Pardubice is important city wellknow for beer, gingerbread, horse and motorbike racing, hockey matches and very good culture life.

For aktive people who like sports there are Golden helmit – rece of motorbike, Great Pardubice – horse racing,a lot of hockey matches, chess and bridge tournament, swimming pool Cihelna and a lot of bicycle paths. And when you are tired from sports activities you can go to the theatre. There are a lot of interesting plays for older but also young people. I have been there several times and I can recomend it to you. There are two big multi cinemas in a big shopping centers too so you can combine shopping with cinema. And for hot days there is a summer cinema which is sometimes free of charge and during summer holidays there is many interestin festivals in Pardubice too.

- by Hanka M.