Musicfest Yanderov

Yanderov is undoubtedly great summer event in Chrudim. The first year of this festival was already 15 years ago. Festival takes places on a meadow near a mill which is in village called Presy. It is wonderful place. There follows the river Chrudimka (you can bathe there).

Beginning bands have a opportunity to play at the festival. There are relatively big stage and good sound and lights systems. For beginnigs bands it is absolutely good experience and for visitors there are free place for camping, big tent where you can buy a beer, other alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks and sit there, a couple of tents with meals and cloathes, teahouse and workshop. Every year the festival is the first week in July aprioximately for four but this year for five days. Bands start play at 6 o´clock and end at the midnight.

I have good relation with this festival because my father was one of the first people whose began with this event. I know a lot of people there, there are a lot of my friends and every year I meet people whose I haven´t seen for a long time. There is a lot of fun and good atmosphere. Everybody are very friendly and you can spend there your free time, meet new people and celebrate the start of summer holiday.

You can go there by four ways. First most frequeted is up the river Chrudimka from new hypermarket Tesco, socond is downriver from Slatinany, thirth is from Presy and you can go by car but I thing that there is difficult to park and the last is from Era-Pack you can go by car too but there is no place for parking. The best way is go walk from Chrudim. It isn´t so far.

Festival is organized by the Civic association Šance pro tebe with financial support from Pardubicky region and town Chrudim. Everyone can become a part of festival and help with building tents, drafting beers, cleaning of grounds, etc. You don´t get money but some free beer or if you are not adult free kofola.

Yanderov fest is unique in the Czech Republic bacause is especially for beginning bands and there is free admission and many services for visitors. It is fest mainly for young people.

More information and all program you can find on the website of the festival: or in club Agora in the street Štěpánkova.

- by Janek Ž.