Museum of Puppets in Chrudim

Museum of Puppets in Chrudim

    1. Situation of Museum
    2. History of Museum
    3. Art gallery
    4. Playroom with Puppets
    5. Library
    6. Fixed expozition

The buidings are located a few metres from a central historical square in the town Chrudim.

The Museum of Puppets was opened on 2 July 1972 in beautiful renaissance Mydlar House. The main person interested in opening was a burger Matej Mydlar (1573 – 1577). A few years later little minaret-like tower was added by his son Daniel. The Museum mainly benefited from the private collection of Prof. PhDr. Jan Malík (1904 – 1980). Prof. PhDr. Jan Malík was a historian, theoretician but generally practical puppeteer and collector. Over the first 30 years the museum collections grew and nowadays there are about 8.300 puppets and 43.600 other exhibits. Exhibits are from many areas like posters, photographs, manuscripts, decoration, scale models and many others.

The gallery was opened in March 1995 when reconstruction had been completed. There were only 6 to 7 exhibitions a year, so the aim was to attract more people and bring them more often to the museum.

The motto of the room is „Please touch“. This place is where the children can have a go. The playroom was set up with the help of stage designers from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the school of dramatic Arts in Prague. It was a students` semestr project. The stages are work of Jan Zich and the puppets were made by his wife Bara Zichova.

There is a specialized puppetry library which contains over 17.600 volumes in many languages. It`s also possible to borrow duplicates, other publications can be lent in reading room of the Museum.

There are also a lot of permanent exbitions, which are accesibled the whole year and in adition to people in wheelchairs.

(Pics could not be included for copyright reasons...)

The Word on wire and strings (In Czech, a marionette means a puppet on a wire and string)

Family Puppet Theatre (from the second half on 19th century)

Luminescent Theatre

Foreign Puppets from the Collection

- by Marcela L.