The Legends of Chrudim

1. Legend of headless kapucín

Its without a doubt the most significant ghost of chrudim. According to legend a man entered to local monastery and accepted church name FORTUNAT which in latin means Gifted by luck.However his destiny wasnt lucky at all.Upon acceptance he took monastic oath ,but he did not put aside his desires and wishes of ordinaly life and he acquaint with ms. Vorsilova, wife of butcher Petr Myslivecek. One day mr. Myslivecek was returning home and glimpsed his wife with fortunat kneeling before his wife. Butcher was quick temper, he stormed into the room and with one strike he cut off FORTUNATs head. He rapped cut off head in piece of cloth and threw it out to nearby river. After that he carried headless body to Kapučínské valy and surrendered himself.

What happened to butcher is unknown, but we do know that fortunat was buried without a head in monastic crypt. Fortunat did not found peace after dead and sometimes revealed himself whenever was monastery in danger.He appeared in 1698 next day monastery attendant fell into the well.

In 1746 he appeared once again and the next day fire spread out in monastery. For the last time he appeared in 25th June 1827 the next day monastery vault fell down with passing guests.

2. Buried alive

Headless Kapucín was not the only ghost in Kapucínsky monastery. It is said that one of the monastery attendants was buried alive. Not on purpose – he looked like dead so he was buried alive. When he woke up in casket he cried for help,but nobody could hear him. So he died for real this time. But he did not found peace in death either. Once he appeared to friar -Reginald. He scared him so much that the Reginald’s chamber was blessed. Since then ghost never appeared again.

3. Bet

It is said that one night Devil visited house 66/1 in Chrudim. He cut off woman’s nose and wrote bloody numbers 7,17,77 and 88 on the wall. When woman woke up she discovered that her nose is intact and undamaged however the numbers were still shining red on the white wall. Bet on these numbers brought her fantastic win -7000coins(gold), but it was no blessing. She started to spoil the money and soon she sold everything even her house. She died poor,desperate and homeless or maybe devil took her.

- by Roman Z.