Fit Center Chrudim


Fitness activity is controlled by the computer system of the fitness center reception desk where you will be served immediately upon your arrival. At the reception you can get all the information on the services ordered by any service or a client buy or permanent card.

Fitness on the area 230 m2

Set single - handed dumbbells from 2,5 to the 50 kg, bench press, bench press upside down, feet closing, feet parting, straddling backward, straddling sideward, biceps – machine, bench on abdomen locating, abdomen upper, abdomen lower, tower 8 stands (back, triceps, biceps, abdomen, pectoral),

Offers a wide range for all ages-Aerobics is a fitness exercise with choreographic component, which is an integral part of music that provides a common rhythm and able to motivate. During aerobic exercise occurs mainly in the so-called aerobic zone, which favors circulation, physical and nervous system and enhances endurance and performance .Clients would like to meet up, so I focus on a mixed group of teachers and I choose rather easier choreography, interspersed with a thorough workout stretching exercises.

Body-cycling activity in the aerobic nature of the higher intensity of carried loads on specially equipped stationary bike to the accompaniment of music. Develops overall fitness and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Fit-boxing acts about amusing and power high - performance exercising on specially modified boxed totems. In addition is that a ideal aerobic workout markedly conducive to weight loss. At one’s 50 minute lesson on the average lose weight 1230 - 3140 kJ and more, which is more than classical forms exercising.


- squash(3 high - quality courts famous brand fiberesin)


-table tennis

Martial arts

- Karate is art self-defense making use of the human bodies in his most effectual form. Use especially covers, pummeling fist, cuts

- Kick-box acts about combat style in which the technology strokes, assumed from boxing, combines the kicks which is based on traditional martial arts such as KARATE , TAEKWONDO, MUAY - THAI.

-Self-defense, it's a defensive style in which they are used in haste, touches, blows and kicks to defend herself.






- by Tomáš B.