Celebrities of Chrudim

My presentation is about the celebrities of Chrudim, who had and have something to do with the history of the city. The first important person about who I would speak is Josef Ressel.

Josef Ressel

Josef Ludvík František Ressel was born June 29th 1793, in Chrudim and he died 9th October 1857, in Ljubljana. He was the Czech forester, writer and inventor. He is well-known for his invention of the ship's screws. He came from a Czech-German family. His father, Hermann Anton Ressel was German and his mother Anna Maria Konvičková was of Czech origin. He went to school in Chrudim and in 1806 he went to Linz, Upper Austria, where he graduated from high school.

The river Krka Kostanjevici first tested his invention of the propeller. In 1821 he was transferred to Trieste, where he became a forester and successfully continued the tests. In 1827 he obtained a patent in 1829, achieved with a customized boat in the port of Trieste speed of six knots.

The steam engine broke down after the accident and the police banned the further experiments. Ressel died without having received for his invention of any recognition. In 1866 he invented the screw propeller officially admitted the American Academy of Sciences in Washington.

And another important person for the Chrudim was for example Jan Nepomuk Štěpánek.

Jan Nepomuk Štěpánek

Jan Nepomuk Štěpánek was born in May 19, 1783 in Chrudim and he died February 12, 1844 in Prague. He was a Czech theater, actor, director, playwright, editor, translator, writer, editor, writer and theater director. This was one of the leading personalities of Czech theater early 19th century. Jan Nepomuk Štěpánek had originally picked the priestly life. The seminar he broke in 1800, when voluntarily joined the army against Napoleon. The Patriotic Society led him to the theater, which he deeply loved. In Prague's Estates Theatre began as a help and eventually became its director.

Diviš Bořek z Miletínka

Diviš Bořek of Miletínek, died in 1437. He was captain of the Hussite field particularly active in Eastern and Central Bohemia. Originally a radical and a close comrade Zizka, then switched to the Moderate Party and became an opponent of the radicals (Zizka and his successors).

Miroslav Hanuš

He graduated in the years 1926 - 1931 Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, where he studied art history, philosophy and history. After graduation he worked as a teacher at the school. First, in the years 1933-1937 in northern Moravia, from 1937 until his retirement in Chrudim, where he died.

- by Sabina K.