There's Something About Mary film review II

There is Something about Mary

My essay is about the film “There is something about Mary“. It is a comedy about troubles with love. The main character of the film is a very pretty young woman Mary and about her problems with men caused by her attractivity.

Firstly Mary is shown as a girl on a high school. A young man called Ted falls in love with her. She chooses him as a company to their prom. Thanks to this he is happy but unfortunately he has a tough luck, it is the worst experience he has ever had and he decides not to meet her again.

Thirteen years later he hires a detective to find out where she lives now. But, thanks to Mary´s attractivity, the detective falls in love with too. Because of that he gives Ted wrong information which does not discourage him and he (Ted) and one friend of his decide to meet her. She is still really pretty and friendly. But there is another problem for Ted – a pizza boy and the friend of his are in love with her too. And everyone tells lies about themselves and about the others. She is quite confused about it.

In the end there are all her suitors in her room and finally they tell the truth about themselves. She is disapointed mainly about Ted. But Ted brings her old love and tells her that everybody in the room do not love her in fact, it is not love just the feeling of being a good person. She seems to be happy with the old boyfriend but after a few minutes (during which Ted is crying) she runs to him and tells him that she loves him and not the other men.

In my opinion the film wants to make fun of the behaviour of some men in love and about crazy things they sometimes do and there is also hyperbole about Mary and her beauty. And I think it gets on well, it is nice and amusing comedy.