There's Something About Mary film review

There's Something About Mary

Brothers Peter and Boby Farrelly made a film There's Something About Mary

in 1998.The film is romantic comedy. The main roles are presented by Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller, Lee Evans, Chris Elliott .I am going to tell you story about The film.

Beauty admired Mary invites Ted to the graduation ball as thanks for defends her retarded brother. Embarrassing incident in which he nips into the loop genitals. He can not goes to the Graduation Ball. And after graduation Mary goes out.

Thirteen years later Ted is still in love with Mary. His friend Dom order to gets hire detektive ,soTed hires a detective Pat Healy to find Mary.

When Pat follow up Mary.He falls in love with her therefore,Pat ends with work and Pat moves to florida. Pat resorts to lying, cheating, stalking and drugging to Mary falles in love with Pat.

Because Ted knows that Pat lies to him. Ted hurrys to Florida after that Ted by defeating a series of unexpected obstacles. Ted the first accident arrestes in raid on gay men that Ted it is even a suspects of murder after.over Ted´s accidents Ted meets with Mary. Mary accepts it with pleasure. But Ted opponents sent to Mary defamatory anonymous letter and therefore Mary breaks up with Ted.

At the end they all meet at Mary home. Where Ted decides that Mary should be with Brett. But when Ted leaves,Mary realizes that she is in love with Ted.

This comedy, I would recommendit to everyone. The comedy is a lot of scenes and dialogue and forks because the comedy very successful.