Pod jezevčí skálou Film

Film: Pod Jezevčí skálou

I chose a movie named Pod Jezevčí skálou. This is the czech movie which was filmed in 1978 in Czechslovakia. This is the first part of family trilogy. The second part is known as Na pytlácké stezce and third is known as Za trnkovým keřem. I will tell you some information about main actor firstly. Secondly I will talk about several good situations and finally I will add my opinion and observations.

Tomáš Holý is main character in this film. He acted in films Jak vytrhnout velrybě stoličku, Jak dostat tatínka do polepšovny et cetera. His uncle worked in Film studio Barandov. He died tragically in his twenty-two years.

Tomáš Holý is small boy Václav who lives with his family in the town. He should live healthier in the countryside. He is going to his grandfather in the hut. Václav has never seen his grandfather because they did not met with him. Grandfather is old gamekeeper who will retire soon. He has got a dog and many animals for example the ewl and the doe. The dog´s name is Brok. Václav for example running across the field and walking around the house.

The first day Vašek tryes to cook eggs but he can not light a fire in stove. When grandfather comes Vašek finds that this eggs is not food. The second day Vašek goes with his grandfather into the forest and they are watching the deer and other animals. The small boy is very interested. He meets many new and interesting people. For a few days he loves nature and his grandfather. The winter was very cold. Václav likes beef from time to time.

One day they was looking for fox. The dog lost the track and ran into badger burrows. The badger barred way back and dog stayed in. Grandfather was perished and went in the bed. The man known as Čahoun helped Vašek. They took the tractor and ruined rock. At first with their own hands and then with machine. In the end they freed Brok.

I like this film because this is about people and nature. Vašek wes not watching television in his grandfather´s house. For example some notherday´s children would not be without watching television. The film is teling about young people and village life. I think that we could have more nice movie with this main character if he lived longer.