Marley and Me film review VI

Marley & Me

I decided to write about the film Marley and Me, which I enjoyed very much. I write about the main protagonist Marley and his owner and their family. Newly weds John and Jenny Grogan move from Michigan to sunny Florida after wedding and they start their auspicious careers as journalists.

John also stars to feel Jenny would like to have a baby that is why he bring a puppy to their home. A beautiful little, lively labraddor puppy, which grows up into a large big uncontrolled shot. Marley likes drooling on new painted walls, tearing everything into small pieces, eating pillows and plants, drinking toilet water, hunting a postman and making other problems. In spite of these troubles, he gives love and makes sense that life isn`t full of worries but mostly great enjoyment. He is the biggest partner for life.

His holders are very desperate so they decided to put him into a special dog`s school but without any positive effect on Marley`s behaviour, whereas they had to leave the school with shame. However their life isn´t only about Marley, the dog becomes a part of Grogan´s family which finaly have children. Mr. and Mrs.Grogan have three children, two boys and a girl, who become friends with Marley and make place for him in their hearts.

This film is really wonderful and funny and it has got great cast, therefore nobody is bored with it for any time. There is unexpected sad end because Marley in the end dies, which is disappointment for everybody as for me, I also lost a tear.