Marley and Me film review V

Aneta K.

Marley and me

This film tells the story about a journalist Grogan, his family and Marley. Marley is a yellow Labrador Retriever. First of all I will write about the plot of the film than about funny stories and at the end of my essay I write my own opinion.

The film starts that John Grogan buys a small puppy to his wife Jennifer that she doesn't fell lonely. But Marley is a naughty dog who changes the life of the whole family. Mr. and Mrs. Grogan don't have time for anything else they try to train their dog. John writes all of the experiences with him to the newspaper and he becomes famous. The readers love him and they look forward to each new story about him and Marley. John and Jennifer experience many pleasant and unpleasant events with him.

For example very funny event is when Marley devours the golden necklace and they must wait until he cacations it. The next funny event is when the storm comes.

Jennifer even says a thought that the dog would go from the house. Finally everything comes right and Marley abides with them. John and Jennifer start a family but because of safeness John leaves his job and they move into the house. They live there with their children luck and enjoy every day. Marley is already a good dog because he is old. He likes the country life he enjoys family cosiness and is happy there.

In the end of the story he becomes ill and the film ends with his death. The whole family will gather in the garden, where they bury him. I think that the plot of the film is very sentimental but with funny events.