Marley and Me film review IV

Marley and Me

Firstly-Introductions, Characters and actors

Secondly- the Plot

Thirdly- Short stories

Finally- the End

I chose this movie because I like this kind of movie. In this movie dog played main part. The Next very important characters are Marley’s masters John and Jenny Grogan. These characters were played by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

The Movie said the sad story about the live and the friendship between the human and the dog and about it how common life with the dog is sometimes hard. The Story started when the young couple moved to Florida. John gave his wife a sweet puppy which he bought in sale for 200 dollars for birthday. They named him Marley. Marley wasn’t a sweet, beautiful and cute puppy like other puppies. He was very naughty and in addition he was afraid of storms. He chewed up everything from walls, shoes, floors to carpets, pillows and the gold necklace. In storm it was much worse. John and Jenny wanted to have a family. But they weren’t successful. They didn’t know that the family has been founded when they bought Marley. One day when they had children, Jenny was angry with Marley because he annoyed and made noise again. Marley had to go out from the house. A few hours later Jenny realized she made a mistake and she took Marley back to their family. Marley was a member of the family for long thirteen years. His death was painful for all members.

John Grogan worked in the newspaper as columnist. Because Grogan family experienced a lot of events with Marley. Every single column was about him. Some columns were very funny; others concerned embarrassing situations or common life situations. Here are some stories. The first story is how Marley was a small puppy John went for Jenny to the airport. Marley had to stay alone at home in the garage. And the storm was starting. When Jenny and John came back they couldn’t recognized their garage. Everywhere was an awful mess and everything was torn up. And the walls were chewed. From that time he had to be on a leash. The Second story said about it how Marley was in dog school. Marley was very active and naughty dogs so it wasn’t a surprise that he was throw out from this school after a few minutes. Because he troubled his trainer. This situation was very embarrassing situation for John and Jenny.

I recommend this movie to everyone who like sad ends. This movie will touch everyone who likes dogs. I cried every time when I have watched this movie.