Marley and Me film review III


I have decided to write about this film because it was about true story of dog´s life and love for animals. I am going to talk about a young couple and their dog who was uncontrollable.

A young couple Jenny and John Grogan decided to start a new life in Florida and that´s why they bought a new flat. John had a surprise for Jenny – the puppy Marley. Marley was indomitable and he was always destroying pillows and flowers. In a year Marley grew up into a fifty kilograms´ dog and he was a very impulsive animal. Marley ripped clothing and furniture. In a short time they had to go with him to the parade ground for dogs but the trainer was not satisfied and she turned him out.

John gave Jenny a gold chain for a present but when Jenny put it on the table the chain was away at once. Jenny and John were looking for it and suddenly they saw the chain in the Marley´s mouth. He swallowed it up so they were waiting for Marley´s excrement for long. It was desperate fight with him.

Jenny and John wished to have a baby…during a few years they managed to bring three children into the word. They had a full plate but they were happy. Everyone was playing with Marley but one day Marley wasn´t at home. Everyone was seeking him and in the end John found him under a tree.

Although Marley was an impulsive dog he felt ill and he died. Even if Marley was very naughty he was their pet.

In my opinion this film is about life and love. The Grogan´s passed thirteen beautiful years with Marley. I recommend you to see it.