Marley and Me film review II

Marley and me

I decided to write about a film called Marley and me. It's about a newly married couple - Jenny and John Grogan. One day they decided to move from Michigan where is very cool winter and start live a new life at sunny Florida. They also decided to provide a new dog, small six kilograms labrador, called Marley, who turned into a steam machine full of indomitable energy in a few weeks.

The film describes 13 years of the life with a dog, life what often reminds coexistence with an inscrutable hurricane. So they look how Marley drivel on new painted walls, jerks all into small peaces, drinks water from the toilet and how he hunt the postman. On the other hand Marley watches the life of his masters, their succeses and fails, helping them go across all traps connected with expanding family. In the main he reminds them that life aren't only difficulties, but largely a big fun. Unfortunately one day Marley becomes ill and they have to take him to the vet. The vet had to gave him a deadly injection. They sadly buried him under a tree in their garden.

I think the story of the film is very interesting and its example of everyday life of newly married couples.