Mamma Mia film review IV

Mama Mia

This essey is about the film Mama Mia.It is a musical.This story is played Greece.The story tells about her mother Donna and her daughter Sophie.

Donna used to be a singer enjoying life but now she leads the small hotel with Sophie´s help on the island Kalokairi.Sophie was going to marry her boyfriend.His name was Sky.Sophie and Donna invited their friends.Sophie wanted to know who was her father.She wanted to invite him to her wedding.Sophie found the mother´s diary where she learned about three men who could be her possible fathers.She decided to invite all of them but she didn´t say it to her mum.She said it to her friends.Their name were Sam,Bill,Harry.When they arrived,Sophie housed them so that Donna didn´t know about it because she might be angry.She hid them in a goat Shed.When Donna found them she was angry and she asked them what they were doing here.All three men lay to her and wanted to leave the island but Sophie persuaded them to return.When they learnt that one of them might be Sophie´s father,they wanted to lead her to the altar and Sophie was confused about it.Sophia finally told her mother to lead her to the altar.Mum agreed and she was very happy.Donna welcomed Sophie´s fathers to the wedding and she admitted she didn´t know who of those three is the one.

A Priest began to talk and at the moment Sophie had to say ´´yes´´ but she said ´´no´´.But there was one wedding because Sam propased Donna.

Finnaly Donna and Sam got married and Sophie with her boyfriend went around the world.