Mamma Mia film review V


by: Hana J.

This romantic comedy is about two women. The first one is young Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) who has wanted to know for all her life who her real father is. Because she has never met him. The second woman is her mother Donna (Meryl Streep) who had three big loves (Sam – Pierce Brosnan, Harry – Colin Firth and Bill – Stellan Skarsgard) during her life. The whole story is set on a small Greek island in the town of Kalokarie. This is not only a romantic comedy but also a musical comedy. In the whole story the songs by ABBA are sung.

Firstly I am going to talk about Sophie‘s dream. Secondly I will give you information about the arrival of their friends. Thirdly I will speak about three men. Fourthly I am going to talk about day with fathers and finally I will reveal the happy end.

Everything started in the Kalokarie where young Sophie was going to get married to Sky. But she still missed something. She wanted to know who her real father is so she invited him to the wedding. She wanted him to lead her to the altar. Once she found her mother‘s secret diary in which she found out that her mother Donna fell in love with three men.

When Sophie‘s friends (Lisa, Ali) came to the island she told them about the secret but also she told them she invited these three men to her wedding. Not only she sent them the letters instead of Donna and in addition they agreed. While Sophie was loking forward to arrival of three men Donna didn’t suspect what happened and with big pleasure she welcomed her best friends Tanya and Rosie who were invited to the wedding.

These mysterious men arrived to the Greek island the same day. Although Donna connected them, they didn’t know each other. They didn’t expect what would happen and decided to visit Donna. At that moment they met Sophie. She led them to a barn and she told them the reason why they came.

When Donna found out they were there she was very unhappy and nervous. She didn’t know why they came. Though she was glad to see them again, she didn’t want to speak with them even when they wanted to. In spite of it they decided to leave but Sophie stopped them. After that they were laughing and they were telling the old stories about her mother for all afternoon. Finally they promised her that they would come to the wedding. In the evening before the wedding, Sophie and Sky had a party. It was a farewell party. They told her they were her fathers. She needed only one father and suddenly she had three fathers. She was really confused and she fainted.

The next day Donna was preparing a lot of things for wedding for example the food and the lights when suddenly Sam came to her. He wanted her to go out with him again. Although he wanted to get the next chance she didn’t know what she shall do. But she still loved him. After that they were going to the wedding. It was a long way to the small church but a lot of people went there. Finally Donna was the only who led Sophii to the altar. But when the ceremony began suddenly Donna interrupted it. She confessed Sophie she didn’t know who was her real father. Sophii didn’t mind it. During the ceremony she decided that she didn’t want to get marry. She wanted to grant the dream and travel with Sky. Finally Sam did something unexpected and proposed to Donna. She was very surprised but then she said YES. They got married and they were very happy.

This film is very nice and amazing. I like it very much because everything ends well. There is love, fun, complication and unhappiness. I definitely recomend it because the actors are excellent.

Osnova (arrangement)

1) introduction

2) a. Sophia’s dream

b. Arrival of their friends

c. Three men

d. Day with fathers

e. Happy end

3) Conclusion