Mamma Mia film review III

Mamma Mia

This film is not only a musical and a romantic novel but also a comedy. The story is acted on Greece and it is about a girl Sophia, her fiance Sky who are planing their wedding and about her mother. But unfortunately Sophii invited her possible fathers. And there the story starts.

Sophii sent three letters to three possible her fathers. They arrived but nobody of them know why they were invited. Her mother Dona had no idea what Sophii did. One day Dona went to a goat´s barn and saw her exboyfriends there. It was unexpected and Dona wasn´t happy at first. She had a lot of things to do about the wedding of her daughter. Later Dona´s friends came and she told them about the crazy situation. They were very curious and that´ s why they wanted to meet them, but she didn´t allowed them to do it.

Meanwhile Dona´s exboyfriends wanted to leave but Sophii didn´t let them go. They told her about their old stories and showed their photos. The same night Sophia and her fiance had a farewell party. Each father thought that he was the true father. All of them wanted to bring her to an altar.

The next day the wedding could start. Dona helped her daughter to dress up and then they remembered Sophii´s childhood. After that a wedding parade went to a church where the wedding would be executed. Dona and Sam, one of the fathers, stopped to talk to each other and sang about their last love. They finally came and the wedding could start.

Dona brought Sophii to the altar and a priest started talking. But Sophii unexpectedly said she didn´t want to get married. Her fiance agreed with her and Sam offered marriage to Dona so the wedding wasn´t destroyed and they got married together.

The end of the film is romantic. Sophii accepted the possibility of three fathers and didn´t want to know who the biological father of hers was. In the end everybody said the true about themselves and found the real love.