Mamma Mia film review II

Mamma Mia!

The theme for my essay is the film Mamma Mia! I chose this film because it’s a musical comedy with an interesting story. This story is full of songs of the legendary pop group ABBA and I like their songs. A lot of famous actors play in this film.

Mamma Mia was about young girl Sophia who lived with her mother Donna in their hotel. She has a wedding day soon and she invited the three men. She didn’t know her father and she thought that one of them was her father. The men really came and a searching could start. Sophia had a talk with the three men and she thought that she found her father. Donna solved a surprise arrival her ex-boyfriends too. Donna found out that she loved one of men and the story has the unexpected end.

The film Mamma Mia took place on a Greek island called Kalokairi in a hotel Vill Donna. Donna with her daughter Sophia kept this hotel. Sophia and her fiancé Sky will have the wedding day soon. Donna prepared everything their day to be perfect.

Sophia didn’t know who father is her and one day she found Donna’s diary and

she read there about three probably fathers. It’s a businessman Sam,

adventurer Bill and keeper Harry. She sent them the wedding invitations to get to know who father is her. Two Sophia’s girlfriends came and they were her bridesmaids. Two Donna’s girlfriends Rossie and Tanya came too. They sang in the group “Donna and the Dynamos”.

Sam and Harry met in the Greek port, missed a ferryboat and Bill offered them

the places on his yacht. After their arrival Sophia greeted them, accommodated them in a goat sled. She wanted to have a surprise for her mother. Donna went to a hayloft and heard some voices in the upstairs. She went to look who was there and fell down to them. The three men explained her, what they got there but Donna told them to leave the hotel. She said it to Tanya and Rossie and she told them what was happened. The “fathers” took Sophia on the yacht and told her about her mother. Then she told Sky about her the secret plan and they brought up.

Those evenings were one day before the wedding day and they had a farewell parties. Donna had a surprise for Sophia and it was a show of “Donna and the Dynamos”. All enjoyed until Bill, Sam and Harry came. Sophia decided to have a talk with every one of them face to face. She asked about Sam’s love to Donna and Harry’s a relationship with children. Bill told her that Donna got some money for hotel from his aunt Sophia and she thought that got name after this aunt therefore Bill was her father. She asked for take to the altar. After the arrival to the farewell parties she got to know from Sam and Harry that everyone of them was sure her father. Sophia was confused and she got a black out.

Sam had a talk to Donna and they fell out but both found out that they

Sophia decided to reconcile with Sky but he was still angry so Sophia asked for

a help her mother. Sophia took a wedding dress and she wised up that she wanted to go to altar with somebody who had been with her by all important moments in her life and it had been Donna. During the wedding ceremony Donna said that Sophia’s father was in there room bud she didn’t know who. Sophia confessed that read the secret diary and invited them. The three of men said that it doesn’t mind that they will be just partial fathers. Sophia suggested to Sky to postpone the wedding and instead of it they will begin to travel what they had wanted to do. Finally Sam purposed to Donna and she said “Yes”. The story ended when Sophia and Sky began a new life but Sophia still didn’t know who father was her.

So Sophia didn’t get to know who father is her but she was happy because she had Sky who loved her and the happy mother who got married again.

When I saw the film Mamma Mia for the first time at the secondary school I had

a sad mood but during the film I began to sing the songs of ABBA. Me and my

friends wanted to go dancing and the sad mood was the past. In this film it was perfect how a text of songs fitted in the plot. I like this film very much!