Mamma Mia film review VI

Mamma Mia!

The musical show “Mamma Mia” takes place on the Greek island named Kalokairi. The romantic adventure starts in the hotel Villa Donna which runs Donna with her daughter Sophie and her fiancé Sky. The following story will be talking about the plot of that film.

While Donna prepares the wedding with her employees Sophie entrusts her friends she found her mother’s diary in which discovered the secret – she has got three possible fathers (a businessman Sam Carmichael, an adventurer Bill Anderson and a banker Harry Bright). Sophie invited all the fathers on her wedding and finally Donna’s friends arrive. Donna suspects nothing about the men.

Donna meets her old friends – talkative and affluent Rosie, several times happily divorced Tanya. With them she sang in a band “Donna and Dynamites”. Sophie introduces Tanya and Rosie to her fiancé. She tells them about his idea to make a website which attracts tourists to the island. Donna also explains a difficult financial situation because she is persecuted by creditors. She dreams about “Rich Man’s World” and Sophie has already expected the men.

When three men arrive Sophia accommodates them in secret. She admits that she invited them and Donna knows nothing. Sophie says: “My mother mustn’t learn about you, OK?” The men promise not to spoil anything. But Donna sees them by mistake and she tells her friends about the three men. Everybody is surprised by who they are. Tanya and Rosie try to put Donna into spirits that they give a song “Dancing Queen”. But Sophie suddenly finds out that the three men want to leave the island.

Therefore Sophie runs away to the beach and then swims to the yacht where there are situated the men. All of them talk about her mother twenty years ago. After returning Sophie talks about the secret to Sky. She argues with him but Skye’s friends stop them because a good-bye to freedom has to start. And what is Sophie doing?

At night Sophie has got a celebration too. As a surprise there sings the band “Donna and Dynamites”. Sophie is very happy that she is watching her mother to sing. But this surprise is spoilt by the arrival of Sam, Bill and Harry. She wants to talk with them. She learns that all of them can be her father. Unfortunately all of them want to lead her to the altar. Sophie is shocked by everything. Under such a pressure she falls sense on the dance floor. After night everything is great.

The next day the wedding preparations continue. Donna helps her daughter to get ready to her wedding. Sophie asks her mum to lead to the altar. Donna is crying because she is lucky. As soon as they are finished they can go to the church which is located on a mountain.

During the way Sam stops Donna to talk. They talk about what was. But Donna runs away because she is unhappy. Then she goes to Sophie and calms down. And the wedding can begin.

While the wedding is taking place Donna mentions Sophie’s father. Sophie confesses that she read mum’s diary and therefore she invited them. This surprise continues. Sophie suggests Sky to postpone the wedding and instead beginning to travel. But it seems that the wedding finishes because Sam proposes to Donna: “Do you marry me?” Everybody says: “I do.” Finally Donna says: “I do, I do, I do.” Donna is very happy. Then the wedding dinner can begin.

At the wedding dinner Sam tells Donna that he has loved her for 20 years. Then Rosie decides that Bill will be her. Everybody is dancing in pairs. Under their weight there is rolled out the water from Aphrodite’s fountain of love. And what happens next? The story finishes when Sophie and Sky sail away from the island to the world.

This story is amazing for me because I love musicals this is a great cast in that film. There plays Amanda Seyfried (Sophie), Dominic Cooper (Sky), Meryl Streep (Donna), Pierce Brosnan (Sam), Colin Firth (Harry) and Stellan Skarsgard (Bill).