Love Actually film review

Love actually

I choose this film because I like it.I have seen it three times.The plot of the film is very romantic and I love romantic story finished by happy end. Plot of the film set on London in Christmas time.Main characters are people living in London.They would like be happy,or have a partnership.All story is full of love, tention,amusing and romantic scenes.Finally the story has a happy end and every character is happy and satisfied. John and Just Judy have fallen in love with each other while on the set of an erotically charged film. David has just become the new Prime Minister. The second he steps into his office, he is smitten with Natalie, his catering manager who had already screwed up at the first minute. David's sister is Karen, who's married to Harry, who runs a local magazine. Harry is somewhat smitten by his secretary, Mia, who is constantly hitting on him. Harry's best editor is Sarah, who has a brother in the asylum and a not-so-hidden crush on Karl, who has a thing for her as well. Karen is friends with both Daniel, who has just lost his wife and has discovered that his stepson is in love with a young American girl, and Jamie, whose girlfriend has just left him for his younger and more attractive brother, forcing him to move to France to continue writing his novel while falling for Aurelia, a young Portuguese woman who can't speak a lick of English or French. Juliet has just married Peter, not realizing that his best friend Mark has loved her since they first met. Colin is desperate to have sex and believes that in order to do that, he should travel to Wisconsin because he thinks that American women will dig him for being British. Billy Mack is getting older rock singer. He tries to come back to the rock scene. He remakes song Love is all around us to Christmas all around. Billy makes a lot of scandals and problems in public and his manager is going crazy because of him. The central character is the new bachelor prime minister David who cannot express his growing feelings for his new personal assistant Natalie. The prime minister's older sister Karen slowly grows aware of her husband Harry's flirtation with an office worker named Mia. Karen's friend Daniel is a recently widowed writer whose 11-year-old son asks for love advice about a girl he has a crush on. Meanwhile, Jamie is another writer who leaves his girlfriend after catching her cheating on him and travels to France to write a novel where he pursues a possible romance with his not English speaking Portuguese maid Aurelia.Also, Harry's American secretary Sarah questions a romance she pursues with the office hunk Karl, but her personal family problems get in the way. Other secondary characters involve a photographer who pursues his best friend's new wife Juliet. And a pair of movie stand-ins, named John and Judy, who grow closer after their simulated love scenes. A libidinous chum who wants to travel to Wisconsin, USA to score with women and a burned out former rock star named Billy Mack who is the main connection between all stories involved .