Sex ve městě - Sex and the City v.2

Lenka Z.

Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw and her Big buy a beautiful large apartment. Carrie is excited but she doesn‘t like a very small closet. Big can build her the better closet. She tells her friends - Samantha Jones, Charlotte York Goldenblatt, Miranda Hobbes about it. They go to an auction of jewellery. Carrie and Big are at his flat and they decide to get married. Her friends are excited Charlotte and her friend Anthony Marantino plan their wedding. The magazine Vogue gets knowledge of the wedding too. An editor Enid wants to interview Carrie about her wedding. Miranda and Steve have problems with sex and their life together. Carrie moves her things from her flat with her friends. Steve tells Miranda he had sex with someone else. Miranda is upset and goes to a hotel. Big calls Carrie because he doesn’t know if they do well. Carrie tries to calm him. Carrie and all friends go to the wedding everything is prepared but Big calls Carrie: „I was out front the place of wedding and I just left and I couldn‘t do this.“ Carrie is shocked and runs away. Carrie is at home with her friends she is sad and feels nothing. All four friends are going to go on a holiday to Mexico. When Carrie comes to the hotel room lies down in bed and falls asleep. Carrie doesn’t feel much better when she comes back home. Carrie decides she raises an assistant. She chooses Luise from St. Luise. Luise cleans up Carrie’s flat and makes an order in her things. Miranda finds a new flat. Charlotte anounces Carrie that she is pregnant. Samanta has problem with her boyfriend. Carrie and Miranda go to a shop where they buy costumes for Brady. Carrie sees the magazine Vogue and she appears an article about her where is written that she is still single. She decides to change a colour of her hair. Samanta buys a small dog and a lot of clothes. Miranda is at home alone for New Year's Eve party so she calls Carrie. Carrie goes to Miranda’s flat and they celebrate New Year’s Eve together. Samanta makes surprise for Smith on St.Valentine‘s day but he comes late and she is angry. Carrie and Miranda go to a restaurant where they have a big argument. Miranda wants to apologize Carrie but Carrie doesn’t listen to her. Finally Carry forgives her. Miranda forgives Steve and they start again. Luise anounces Carrie she is engaged. Carrie has a party in her flat with all her friends. Samanta breaks up with Smith. Charlotte has lunch in a restaurant where she meets Big. She wants run away but he catches her. She is angry and she gives birth. He drives her to a hospital. Charlotte and Harry become parents of the little girl Rose. They are happy. Carrie finds a few Big’s love letters and she notices that she still loves him. Carrie goes to their new apartment to pick up her new shoes. She enters to the apartment and what is a surprise? Big is there. Big proposes her and Carrie says yes. They get married and they have got a small wedding. Miranda, Samanta, Charlotte and Carrie go to a restaurant and celebrate Samanta‘s birthday.