Sex ve městě - Sex and the City

Sex and the City

Zuzana B.

The American film has the name as the series. Sex and the City was shot in 2008. The film is an American romantic comedy. The film’s characters are Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. The story is about their lifes, money and sex. The film takes place on Manthatton. The story begins in the present, 4 years after the end of the series.

The Lifes of the main characters have changed. Carrie does not write her posts. Sometimes she writes in the magazíne Vogue. She is working on her book. She is much more mature than before. She has a balanced relation with Mr. Big. They buy a nice big apartment and plan a wedding. The Preparations for the wedding are great. He wants a small wedding, but Carrie wants a big wedding. The first problems begin.

Meanwhile, Charlotte find out that she is pregnant. She and her husband adopted a little girl from China. Charlotte didn’t hope in pregnancy. She and her husband were happy.

Samantha has got a serious relation, but not ideal. Her boyfriend hasn’t time for her, she mises New York and sex. She parts with her boyfriend later.

Miranda has got a husband Steve. They have a son. Miranda and Steve have problems. Miranda doesn’t want sex. Steve found a mistress. Steve told Miranda about his mistress, both are unhappy.

Angry Miranda said Mr. Big at the party before a wedding: „You are crazy when you are getting married! The wedding destroy everything!“ Mr. Big has doubts. Mr. Big didn‘t come to the wedding. Carrie was destroyed. Carrie didn‘t want to see Mr. Big. Carrie didn‘t accept mail from Mr. Big. She returned wedding gifts. She hires an assistant and brings her life together. Her friends want to cheer Carrie, but Miranda was afraid to tell her about the conversation with Mr. Big at the party before the wedding. Miranda said everything to Carrie on New York¨s party. Carrie was angry at Miranda.

Charlotta met Mr.Big in a restaurant, she will give birth. Mr. Big took her to the hospital. The story ended well.

Charlotte has got a beautiful baby. Carrie and Mr. Big have a wedding. Miranda and her husband are back together and have a great sex together. And Samantha? Samantha has got sex with her dream neighbor, finally! :D