Pařba ve Vegas - Hangover v.3

Iva K.

The hangover is about party before wedding. The stag party was in hazard city Las Vegas.

Doug with his friends left to Las Vegas 2 days ago. The future Doug´s father lent them his historic car – Mercedes Benz. They stayed in Caesar Palace. The hotel room was very luxury, but after the night was horrible. The hotel room was unrecognizable.

The night started on the roof with glass of Jagermaister. A hilarious son in law threw a bottle rufilin, but this nobody thought. The party finished second day in the morning, but they didn´t remember her.

They remember the all next day what happened. Doug – the major person lost. In the bathroom was a tiger, the dentist didn´t have one teeth, in their room was a child, Doug lost….. they had a horrible hangover.

They found, that Fill was in a hospital, it was the firts track. They arrived to hospital and a doctor gave them an information. They learned about a chapel, where the dentist married. It was a big shock!His new wife was stripper and he didn´t know her name. The found child was her. They found the stripper and they became another informations. Doug still was lost.

The tiger was Tyson´s Mike. He arrived for him. The guys was able to returned back. But it was demanding. They him slept but the Tiger woke up during the journey. Rest of the way they had to push their car.

Later they found a chinese man in their car. During last night they robbed him, they took his bag with 80.000 dolars. The bag was but lost. They had to go play black jack and the money win. Jesus ( the future son in law) was the autistic genius. He won 82.000 dolars and now they could the many back and buy Doug. But the chinese man didn´t have Doug, he had only a dealer drugs. They had to explore more.

When they was returning from the desert, they stopped and Fill called Doug´s future wife, that Doug is missing…but the doctor got an idea.

Afer the fanstastic night, when he left the hotel room, they saw a mattress on the roof. It was Doug´s signal. They closed him there, but after the hangover forgot! They ran on the roof and they found Doug. Doug was burned and thirsty. It reemained a few hours until the wedding. They ordered diner jackets and they hurried up to the wedding. They arrived with a small delay, but the wedding was.

The dentist finished his relationship with Melissa, because she was a horrible women.

The wedding was fantastic. Jesus found the camera, the all friends looked at photos and finelly they saw and knew what happened!

The hangover is the best american film in the 2009.