Pařba ve Vegas - Hangover v.4

The Hangover

The film is about four friends Doug,Phil,Stu and Alan .Doug is before wedding with Tracy.They travel to Las Vegas to celebrate bachelor party.Bride´s father lends them his car. When they arrive to Las Vegas. They are accommodated in the Caesars palace. The Caesars palace is hotel and casino. They make a toast on the roof and going to the party. Next morning when they wake up they find out that the lack Doug. There is a big mess in the apartment. There is a tiger in the bathroom and a baby is in the closet. Stu is missing a tooth and Phil is wearing a hospital ID bracelet. From the previous night, they don´ t remember. They want to go to the hospital because they think that Doug is there. They are going for a car and a bellboy arrives with stolen police car. ”What? Where is our Mercedes?” At the hospital doctor tell them that they come from a wedding. They find the chapel and Stu finds that he married with a stripper. When they find the woman they find out that the baby is her´ s. Police arrest them in the apartment for strippers. If they want to be released children have to try paralysation on them. After release they find Mercedes but in the trunk of car is a naked man Mr. Chow. The man attacks them and run away. They return to the hotel and find Mike Tyson who is looking for his tiger. They sleep tiger and transport him to Mike´ s but tiger wakes up and destroys the car. After returning the tiger they met the naked man from car trunk who claims that they stole his money if they returning it will return Doug back. Alan uses his knowledge from his book of gambling to win money playing black jack. They return the money for Doug but Mr. Chow has got another Doug. Another Doug is drug dealer who Alan sold ecstasy. Stu remembers that hotel windows do not open in the hotel. They go on the roof and find Doug. He was all day on the roof. Doug reveals that he found Chow’s money. Finally everything will be fine. Doug marries Tracy, Philip happily returns to his wife and son and Stu proudly breaks up with Melissa.

Jakub B.