Pařba ve Vegas - Hangover v.2

The Hangover

This amazing new comedy tells abouth four friends. Doug, Phil, Stuart and Alan. Doug is a young man who has got a wedding in two days. Phil is a teacher at an elementary school, Stuart is a dentist and Alan is crazy brother Doug´s future wife´s. The film starts two days ago of Doug´s wedding. Doug and his friends want to do bachelos party in sin city, Las Vegas. They take the money and go to the most famous city of the hazard. Doug´s future father in law lend him his beautiful, old, silver mercedes cabriolet and tells him: „Remember, what heppens in Vegas, stays in Vegas“. The crazy trip begin!

They accommodated in a hotel Cesar´s palace. They have got a luxury apartment. It is 4200 USD a night. They change their clothes and go to a roof of the hotel. Alan has got a Jagarmaister and they have got a toast.

This is the end of the first part of this film and starts the second one. They wake up in the smashed hotel room. There are a mess, the TV is demaged, white chicken is on a floor in the room. First awakes Stuart and immediately after him Alan wakes up. He goes to the toilet and after a couple of seconds he finds that there is a tiger in the bathroom. He runs out and strumbles to sleeping Phil. Everyone are awake and see to totally smasched hotel room. But they have got a big problem. There isn´t Doug with them. Anybody aren´t able to remember to last night. Doug has got the wedding tomorrow. They must find him but anybody don´t know where to start.

Phil has got a yellow strap on his hand from a hospital. They go to the hospital and ask doctor what heppened, if Doug was with them, about they talked, etc. He tells them that Phil had slight concussion and he had rape drug in his blood. They are schocking. They were talking about the wedding they had just arrived from. The wedding was in small chapel. They go there and they find there that Stuart had wedding last night with a beautiful blonde girl. When they came from the chapel the big car came. There is small chinese man in the car and he tells them that he has got Doug and they have to give him 80 000 dollars as ransom. They have got no money but Alan has got good idea. He reads a book abouth blackjack and he tells them that he will win the money. Everybody go to the casino in Cesar´s palace. After a while Alan win 80 000 dollars and they call small chinese man and they arrange a transfer. At a place of the transfer is a man with black bag over his head. It is Doug. When they made tramsmission they find that under the black bag isn´t their Doug but some Doug from their big party last night. Anybody don´t know where is right Doug.

Alan tells them that last night he bought some drug whitch has been ecstasy from this Doug and he put it to his Jagermaister to their toast on the roof of the hotel. Therefore anybody aren´t able to remember anything from last night because it wasn´t ecstasy but rape drug. Suddenly they remember that they may be left Doug on roof of the hotel and he wasn´t able to go out because they closed the door when they left. They go fast back to the hotel and they fast run on the roof. There is Doug on the roof. All day he sat on the roof and he was waiting for they come. He has got sunburn and he is red but everybody are happy that they find him. They pack their suitcase and go back home because it is five hours to the Doug´s wedding. They come in the time of wedding. Everything and the wedding is okay. After the wedding Doug, Phil, Stuart and Alan sit in the garden and they are talking about their mad trip. Doug tells them that he founds the camera. Everybody are curious poke about photos. Doug tells them that he shows them this photos but only one times and after they will destroy the evidence.

Photos are realy crazy. There are a lot of naked girl, strippers and many delicate situations.

The Hangover is realy good comedy. After long time it is successful american comedy. There are good jokes, quotations and very funny situations in the film. I reduce content of the film because there was a lot of situations and I wrote only the important.

Author: Janek Ž. :-)