Pařba ve Vegas - Hangover

Marketa L.

The Hangover

Directed by Tood Philips

Doug is going to get married with Tracy after two days. So he decides to have a bachelor party with his friends Phil and Stu and Tracy’s brother Alan in Las Vegas.

Phil is a schoolteacher, Stu is a dentist and Alan is a gay.

They accommodate in a luxury apartment in the Caesars palace hotel. Then they climb up on a roof and have a Jägermeister toast to Doug in the evening.

It is the next day morning. Stu, Phil and Alan wake up in a messy room with a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in a case. Stu is missing a tooth and everybody is missing the friend Doug. Anybody is not able to remember what happened the last night. They have a total black-out. Phil has got a hospital bracelet on his wrist. So they start looking for Doug and some more information in hospital. They must go by a police car because they came back in the police car to the hotel last night. Doctor says that a large amount of Ruphylin was founded in Phil’s blood and that they talked about Stu’s wedding in a chapel. They find out where Stu’s new wife lives and they give back to her her baby. Police drop into her flat and take away Phil, Stu and Alan to the police station. ( Police found their Mercedes and they were looking for the police car.) Guys agree on with police. The policeman shows to children how a stun gun is used with voluntaries Phil, Stu and Alan (it very hurts) and then he lets them go. Guys take the Mercedes and find a naked Chinese in a boot. The Chinese hits them and runs away. Alan confesses that he gave a drug in drinks on the roof. He thought it was Ecstasy. They come back to the hotel where angry Mike Tyson is waiting for them and he wants his tiger back to his house. They again meet Chinese men on the way from Tyson’s house. The boss wants his purse with 80 000 dollars back. (They met together in a casino last night.) And they will exchange money for Doug somewhere in a desert. Guys must go gambling again. Alan is a little bit different but he is very good at a counting. So he plays a black jack and win 82 400 dollars. They go to the desert and give money to Chinese men but they let go a black man no Doug. Stu remembers that they lifted sleeping Doug on the roof. They rush to the hotel on the roof and they finally find him there. Doug is red from the sun and he has got a bag with 80 000 dollars. Everybody is happy. They are in a hurry to get back home to Doug’s wedding. They catch up with the wedding and have a good time there.

They find Doug’s camera after the wedding and examine photos taken during Las Vegas night. At last they can see what happened.