Pařba ve Vegas - Hangover v.6

Zdenda S.

The Hangover

A groom and his three friends decided to go to Las Vegas to a bachelor party one day before the wedding. They accomodated in the Casino hotel. They drank a lot. When they woke up they remembered nothing. They found a tiger in their bathroom,they found a baby in the closet and their best friend was lost in the morning. They were thinking about where their friend.My favourite part was when they visited a beautiful house where Mike Tyson lived. It was very big house with nice funiture and nice garden with a swimming pool. Mike invited them to his living room and he showed them video from the night. One of them peed to the swimming pool and other boys wanted to lose Mike´s tiger. Mike watched everything on the camera. Other my favourite part was when Stue got married with a light dancer at church. They had a lot of funny photos from the wedding and they got some wedding presents for example: caps with their own photos, some glasses, cups, cake and so on. Without this wedding three friends enjoyed many other adventures such as when they stole a police car, gunslinging in front of the church and so on. This film has happy end- boys found their lost friend on the hotel´s roof. He slept there all time. They returned home in the time and wedding was super. Everybody was satisfied. But boys had secret- photos from the party in Las Vegas.