Pařba ve Vegas - Hangover v.5

Iva M.

The film "The Hangover" is a comedy about three friends looking for the fourth member of their crew. Their friend had decided to stop with his „old-bachelor“ life and now it's the time to settle down and marry. However, two days before the day when he will marry his fiancee – it's time to organize a big farewell party to his freedom.

The best friends, good acohol and great atmosphere of Las Vegas, in city of thousand lights, - got them wild. There is no surprise that all the members of this crew get drunk. The problem of the trio is that they lost the groom during wild night. And now they must find him. It means for them that they need to identify and remember what they did last night.

When everyone wakes up in the morning with a hangover and hemlock, they found that they remember nothing. A luxury hotel room looks like a blast and groom isn´t there anywhere. This morning begins with a question: Whose child at the dressing room of their room at Caesars Palace is? Where did appeare the tiger in the bathroom? And why one of them is missing a tooth? But the main question is - where is the groom?

This trio must identify, step by step, what happened in the night. Without the slightest idea what had happened and also in a hurry..The groom must be found in time to take him home to be in time on his own wedding.

They empty their pockets and look for traces of: accounts, tickets from ATMs, parking tickets, plastic wristbands from the hospital ... To put their heads together and to track each step and monitor any indication that this has led them to the events last night, and find a place the last time they saw Doug. Memories of last night going to make heroes of some less popular places of Las Vegas, such as emergency, police station or a wedding chapel too far from The Strip. They find that one of them was married yesterday – with a stripper. And that everyone is given instead the ecstasy - rohypnol .. The film is full of jokes and fun - especially how the heroes are able to resolve problem and different situations ..

In my opinion, this comedy is hilarious and I certaily like look at it again.