Něco na té Mary je - There's Something about Mary II

Marcela L.

There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary is a romantic comedy film directed by Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly. It stars Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon and Ben Stiller. It`s a combination of a romantic comedy and a gross-out film.

Ted helps Mary`s brother Warren, when he is persecuted by schoolmates. Mary is very thankful and invites Ted to a prom date. When Ted picks up Mary at her parent`s house, he gives a present to Warren but he assaults Ted. Ted goes away to the bathroom to smarten up but his penis gets caught in his fly. Ted is taken to a hospital and lands the prom date with his dream girl Mary because of the accident. Thirteen years later Ted is still in love with her. On the advice of his best friend Dom, he hires a private detective to find Mary. His name is Pat Healy. Healy finds out she is an orthopedic surgeon living in Miami with her friend Magda and he traces her during all day. Mary goes to play golf, hands around and goes to a restaurant with her girlfriends. Pat falls in love with Mary as well and therefore lies Ted. Pat tells him that Mary is married, she has got children and she is physically handicapped. Pat resorts to lying, cheating, stalking and drugging Magda's dog to win Mary but he is exposed by Mary's architect friend Tucker.

Ted decides to drive to Florida to win Mary's love. But when he stops to pee, he is arrested by police. Police arrest gays, who do a sex in the public. While Ted confronts Healy and Tucker, Mary is confronted by Dom. Dom turns out to be her former boyfriend Woogie. Ted finds out that Tucker also lied about Mary's love interest (football player Brett Favre). Ted decides that Mary should be with Brett. Brett was the only one who didn`t resort to win Mary. After reuniting of Brett and Mary, Ted leaves but Mary chases after him, preferring him to Brett.

I strongly recommend There`s something about Mary. It makes you laugh and cry, it has a memorable soundtrack.