Něco na té Mary je - There's Something about Mary

Michal K.

There's Something About Mary,

but there‘s nothing about the film for me.

I watched the film in Czech language a few years ago but I didn’t remember an impression what it made on me. After I watched the film again I‘ve realized that it’s one of the pieces which can never impress me. It was good to watch the film once more so I can see reasons why I’m not interested in ‘Mary’. I could think about it and I understand much better now that a genre of comedy is really difficult to write and put on an act.

The Farrelly brothers narrate a story about the wonderful woman, Mary, and unlucky fellow Ted who are fallen in love in fine. Ted was already fascinated this girl during his studies but after he wasted his chance to go on a date with Mary he hasn’t seen her for long thirteen years. Through the years he hasn‘t stopped to think about his dream girl.

Finally Ted hires the private detective, Healy, to find Mary how she is. It’s a mistake because Mary is still a very attractive, rich and single woman and Healy is starting to be obsessed with her as well as every man who has met Mary. Ted’s private eye lies to him and tries to win Mary’s heart for himself. Ted can’t believe what Healy says and he goes to Miami to help allegedly poor Mary. Actually Mary need help without she knows it because everybody doesn’t seem to be a truly friend as she considers. Some men in Mary‘s surroundings are only cheating and stalking her. Fortunately at last Mary identifies true friendly relations and luckily for Ted she feels where to find a beginning of relationship.

The crazy romantic comedy gives me many spiteful smiles because I must eventually laugh to stupidity of this simple movie. Of course the comedy can be entirely simple and very lite but it shouldn’t cover the main contens of the genre – the good humour. The Farrellys‘ film doesn’t use any intelligent humour or gags and that‘s why I didn’t enjoy it. We would say there isn’t almost any witty humour. The directors only inject to the relatively lengthy plot puerile jokes, vulgar and embarrassing scenes. However the brutal humour takes effect mainly in the overseas and the movie has become fairly successful there. I think that impressions of the comedy should be more confusing because after this film an era of similar movies lifted off and only few of them can aspire to be enriching for the world cinematography.