Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia

Petra M.

The film Mamma Mia was about Donna and her daughter. Daughter’s name was Sofie. They lived in Grecian island Kalokairi and had a family hotel. In the film Sofie was going to marry her boyfriend Sky. She invited her two girlfriends at the wedding and her Mother invited her two girlfriends too. Sofie wanted to invite her Father at the wedding too, but she didn‘t know, who is her Father. Sofie wanted to find him.

And so she took a Mother’s diary and hoped in the finding more information about Mother’s life. The diary was written about three men. Donna was in love with three men in the time

of Sofie’s conception. Their names were Harry, Sam and Bill.

Because Sofie was crazy like her Mother she got a crazy idea. She invited Harry, Sam and Bill at her wedding. They loved Donna twenty-one years ago. Her mother knew nothing about

her idea. Sofie didn’t want to say about the men to her Mother. She was afraid of her Mother. Donna would be angry. She didn’t know too, who is Sofie’s father, because she was with Bill, Harry and Sam in the same time. Sofie told her two girlfriends about her idea.

When the men arrived in Kalokairi they wanted to see Donna. Sofie explained them, that her Mother knows nothing about their invitation and that they will be a surprise for her Mother. They weren’t allowed to tell Donna who invited them because they promised Sofie it. Sofie hid them

in a loft, but Donna heard a noise in the loft. She ran on the darf and then she fell down through

a window into the loft. There she saw Harry, Sam and Bill in the loft. She ask them why they arrived in Kalokairi. All three men lied her. Harry was on the holiday. Bill wrote

a book of travel. Sam came to say hello to Donna. She was very angry and sad. She didn’t want

to see them there. She wanted to forget them. Then the men wanted to leave the island, but Sofie persuaded the men to stay.

All three men thought to be Sofie’s Father and wanted to accompany her to the altar. In the end Sofie ask for Mother’s accompaniment to the altar. Mother agreed with her accompaniment.

At the wedding Donna welcomed Father’s Sofie. Donna told Sofie, that her Father was here and Sofie told Mother, that she knew it, because she invited him. Donna confessed, that she didn’t know, who was Sofie‘s Father. Sofie wasn’t disappointed. She liked all three men like Father and the men liked Sofie. Sofie didn’t marry Sky. She loved him, but she knew, that Sky didn’t want to get married. They were young. Sky wanted to go to the world and Sofie too. In the end Sam asked for Donna’s hand. Sam loved Donna twenty-one years. Donna and Sam got married and Sofie and Sky went to the world.