Doba ledová - Ice Age

ICE AGE: Dawn of the dinosaurs

It’s a very funny story. It’s situated to the ice age. The leading roles were played by two mammoths (the girl was named Ellie and the boy was named Manny), the sloth name’s Sid and the sabretooth tiger name’s Diego. They all produced one unconventional pack. The mammoth Ellie was pregnant. Manny was very nervous and excited. It was his first baby. He fell out with Sid and Diego. Diego left the pack, he felt superfluous. Sid went away, too, and he fell down through the ice and found three bigger eggs. He took them with him. He was looking after them and they hatched. They were three small dinosaurs and he was like their mother. When they were playing on the playground, their big real mother came here and took her children and Sid back under the ice. Manny and Ellie saw it and went help to Sid. They all found a cave under the ice, where the neozoic climate preserved. There were green vegetables, flowers and strange animals. They were scared. One courageous marten helped them to rescue Sid. They had a very risky experience on the road. Sid was still alright. The big dinosaur’s mama didn’t eat him because the children liked him. Sid’s friends finally found him. Sid said goodbye to his adoptive children and came back with his friends up on the ice ground. When they were going, they met a lot of bigger angry carnivorous dinosaurs. The dinosaurs wanted to eat them. When Manny, Sid and two opossum boys were fighting, Ellie started to bear. Diego came back to his friends and helped Ellie. She had a very nice young mammoth girl. They all were very happy and continued the way. When they were going, the biggest dangerous dinosaur attacked them. They were unable to do anything. And at the time the dinosaur’s mother helped them and knocked down the big dangerous dinosaur. They all were pleased. Sid could say the last goodbye to his adoptive children and came back on the ice ground. Diego and Manny were again friends and they all lived together like a family. Next to the main story there were short funny tales. The crazy squirrel boy and the pretty squirrel girl competed for a beautiful big nut. After their fighting and spiting the squirrels were in love with each other, but the squirrel boy didn’t resist to the temptation and came back for his beautiful nut.