Doba ledová 3 - Ice Age 3


This story is a very excellent animated film. I think it is the best story of the series. Mammoths Manny and Ellie expected their first mammoth’s child. Slowly animal, sloth Sid wants a family too. He found three eggs but he did not know that it is dinosaur’s eggs. He looked after eggs. Dinosaurs were born the next day. Sid was very lucky. Many prepared for their child beautiful playground. If Ellie saw this place, she was very pleased. Sid came to look at the playground with his dinosaurs. The dinosaurs started to play. They ripped to pieces so many things. Manny and Ellie hate Sid at this time. He wanted to repair this place .Dinosaurs’ mom began to search her children. When she found them, took them away and took Sid too. Sid’s friends were finding him. They fell to the underground world. There was a lot of green nature, animals, and flowers. But flowers wanted eat meal and the animals were very big and wanted eat meal too. They met Buck there. He had only one eye. And his hobby is catching of dinosaurs. He was their guide now and he protected them. Ellie gave birth to a baby, when they were in the biggest danger. But tiger Diego protected her against danger. Then they went to a safety to their Ice world. Buck decided what to do. Stay in his underground world or go with new friends? He stayed in his world. Many, Ellie and their other friends came back to the Ice Age’s world and everything ended well.