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General info about Chrudim

    The major representatives of modern architecture 20th century
undoubtedly belongs the functionalist building from the Theatre of Charles
Pippich architects Freiwald and Böhm in 1933.

    Modern architecture in the face of Chrudim signed only gray prefab
housing, like many other Czech cities, but enrich urban areas and some
interesting places that are worth mentioning. In the seventies of the 20th
century was a complex of Hotel Bohemia in Masaryk Square and in the
late nineties it was built Nursing Home in Soukenická street. In the city are
6 elementary schools, 1 special school, 1 primary School, 7 state
secondary schools, 1 private high school. Chrudim and dignity in the
present attribute fills Athens eastern Bohemia, who in the 19th Chrudim
century gave it Frantisek Palacky.

    Chrudim city is the dynamic rhythm of daily living with the joys and
worries of the residents, the streets sometimes too completely filled with
cars, but also with quiet corners, parks and stroll along the river routes
Chrudimka and revitalized the flow of the former mill-flume, where it is so
nice to stop for a moment and think and look around. To sit here
encourages quantity of restaurants, pubs and cafes, which are magically
cleaned up in the old town houses, in their basements and gardens at the

    For those who relish sporty lifestyle that offers swimming in the indoor
swimming pool, a roller coaster ride all year round and in summer and
refreshing for summer swimming pool with water attractions. Fans will
find the ice rink ice arena, which idleness or in the summer: a special area
the chance to ride in-line skates. Adrenaline young riders on skateboards
and roller skates for two years using a unique skatepark. Recreational
cyclists in the vicinity of Chrudim and find suitable terrain for biking,
whose difficulty you can choose according to their physical limits by
completely relaxing route to a relatively challenging trails suitable for
mountain bikes.

    Chrudim is a pleasant place worth visiting. Offers a rich mosaic of
attractive opportunities for a broad spectrum of visitors who are looking
for entertainment, and information, sports and culture, past and present.

-by Jakub B.