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Adamek´s folklore festival

Adamek´s folklore festival

1.What is it? I would like to tell you something about folklore festival near Chrudim. Folk group Vysočan in cooperation with the city Hlinsko and folklorist association of the Czech Republic organizes since 1996 Adamek´s folklore festival every year. It´s a two-day meeting of several groups in a city district Bethlehem in Hlinsko. Individual groups present folklore their region or country. This meeting is usually last Saturday and Sunday in August so that festival is divided into two days. The first day the viewers have an opportunity to see the children´s group with their repertoire. The second day the adult groups from the whole Czech Republic and abroad present dance, music and customs of their region.

2. Why Adamek´s festival? And now I´m going to say something about Karel Vaclav Adamek. He was born in 1868 and died in 1944. He was one of the culture leaders of the region Hlinsko. Primarily he worked at exploring local history and folk activities. He kept a lot of collections and documents from which group Vysočan has drew now.

3. Foreign participation- Finally I would like to talk about foreign participation in Hlinsko. A lot of groups visited this folklore festival in previous years. A Slovak group VAH from Puchov, Hoogwoudar Dansers from Netherlands, Spanish El Ventolin, Greek group from Thessaloniki and brass band from Italian city Civitella which is a partner city of Hlinsko. Adamek´s folklore festival is a cultural event which tries to hold and present the forgotten tradition because: People which doesn´t know and doesn´t honor the tradition their past, have no future.

- by Ondřej B.